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I have been trying to think up ideas/projects for the group to tackle, something that would be fun and something we could all get involved with. Looking back over my old blog for inspiration I found a post showcasing a ukulele-playing group of women from Milton-Ulladulla, NSW Australia, with a sense of humour and rhythm who enjoy just jammin’ with their ‘ukes’ and having a glass of bubbly or three. The theme of the song is country women. Apparently some of the members were a little hesitant about making the film, especially in regard to the personal clips, but they bravely went ahead. They call themselves CHOOKS ON A HOT TIN ROOF.

What about the idea of our group making a video of our activities with clips of members spinning, weaving, felting, beading etc. etc. giving out tips, showing our work rooms; Janet Staben's cabin comes to mind!

Roll the idea around so we can discuss it at a future meeting. I can get Ken to help with the film making if we go ahead.

Here's the YouTube video the ladies made; I love their enthusiasm. Enjoy......


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