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Group member Deb Peck has designed and knitted 7 pairs of fingerless gloves for her family. Her eldest son is a welder and she has regularly made him some extra thick ones to keep his hands warm and protect them from spits of molten metal. She says he lives in them.

Deb would like to share her pattern with us:

"These gloves I knit all in one, I put on a stitch holder 4 stitches each end for thumb, then knit to desired length cast off in rib, knot last stitch, then crochet down side to thumb (two stitches before) knot stitch loop, then pick-up 2stitches on side before knitting up 4 stitches off holder, keeping pattern correct, turn knit back pick up stitch at knot, then pick up 2 stitches on other side knit 4 from holder, keeping pattern, work these in rows till just below nail of thumb, cast off in rib, knot stitch loop, crochet down joining sides from thumb to wrist, knot stitch loop, crochet long chain fold and make bow tie a double knot to stop it coming loose, or for boys make small loop and tie off so it can be used to hold gloves together when not in use."

If you want help with this pattern you can e-mail Deb for advice at

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