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Many members attended our get together meeting on the 1st May when we were instructed in the art of dyeing fibre with food colouring by our member Christine Heward. We experimented with various colours, Christine showing us different ways to apply the dye. Everyone had great fun trying the different techniques.

However, some members were unable to attend the day and have expressed their interest in perhaps having another session. Christine directed us to a YouTube Channel named Chemknit which has many tutorials on the art of dyeing. I. have selected two for you to enjoy, one titled Dyeing Yarn with Food Colouring on the Stove and the other How to Dye Speckled Yarn with Food Colouring. Both of these techniques were followed by the group at the tutorial.

These videos may inspire some of you to have a go before the next meeting and bring the results to our next meeting for 'show and tell'.

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