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Some of you will recall that member Deb Peck devised a pattern for these bags. The beauty of them is that they are expandable and are capable of holding a large amount of shopping but fold down so small that they take up very little space when not in use. Saves all that cluttering up the back of the car. I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce Deb's pattern. The bag I made has proved so useful and I was able to make a few extra for friends and family.


MATERIALS: 100 g of acrylic yarn, 6-7 mm x 60cm circular needle, 4 mm x 60 cm circular needle


Using the larger needles, loosely cast on 40 stitches. Work 30 rows in garter stitch.

Place marker, then pick up and knit 15 sts along side of work, 40 sts across the cast on stitches and 15 stitches up the other side of your work. Knit across the original 40 sts. You should be back to the marker now (110 sts)

Working in rounds, work 10 rows of stocking stitch

Pattern rounds

Round 1 : * Yfwd k2tog* rep until you reach the marker again

Round 2 : Knit until you reach the marker.

Repeat these 2 rounds until work measures desired length. Approx 25cm (10 inches)

Change to 4mm needle (and black yarn optional). Work in k1, p1 rib for 5cm (2 ins) Remove marker on last round

Handles – Flatten bag out to determine where sides are. Rib to the closest side position and place marker.

Rib 20, cast off 15, rib 40, cast off 15, rib 20 to the marker. Next row: *Rib 20, turn work, Cast on 15, turn work, rib 20 * rep from * to*. Continue in rounds of rib for 5 cm

Frill Top – Work rounds of stocking stitch for 2.5 cm (1 inch)

Next row: *K1, M1 * repeat until the marker is reached again. Cast off loosely. Weave end through work to finish off.

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