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Looking back on 2020

I thought you would all enjoy a look-back over our achievements during 2020. Firstly there was our exhibition at the Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild which highlighted the talents of our group. Unfortunately it was just before the lock down came into effect so there was limited time for our display to be enjoyed. However, we received an excellent write-up in e-Treadles which is circulated to all members of the Guild and put our group firmly on the map.

To keep us all informed Janice produced our very own web-site: which showcases our activities and compliments our Facebook page.

Our executive initiated the introduction of Zoom meetings twice monthly which proved a great success for keeping us all creative and inspired and visually connected. Each month a challenge was launched`which was a great success and members were able to 'show and tell' their efforts at the Zoom meetings. Our web site has a gallery for each challenge. I have selected some photos for you to reminisce over:

Tea Cosies

Some members entered their cosies in the Fish Creek Tea cosy challenge.

You will notice that a couple of cosies have been duplicated but when I deleted one I found, to my cost, that they all disappeared. Need to take a tutorial !!


The mask challenge was extremely popular and caused much discussion regarding materials and care.

Brioche Stitch and Tunisian Crochet

Members investigated and practiced both brioche stitch and Tunisian crochet and brought their work to a Zoom meeting. The Brioche Stitch proved very successful. Noelle produced an advanced piece and Glenda designed her Bra for the Bra challenge using the stitch.

Crazy Beanies

Crazy looking beanies was another fun challenge which produced some very odd designs in various materials. I'm afraid we are lacking in photos here which is a shame.


The bunting challenge to produce a design depicting members feelings during the Covert lockdown was very successful. The designs were truly telling of members feelings and have now been put on display in the Wonthaggi Library. To view the whole range click on 'Bunting Challenge' in our web site

Bra Challenge

The Bra Challenge brought so much fun and laughter to Zoom meetings. A vintage pattern was available to members to knit whilst others came up with their own designs and ideas. Janice challenged members to model their finished bras; a few members did so at Zoom meetings plus we had a parade at our Christmas party.

End of year Christmas get together

We culminated our lock down year with a really well attended Christmas party. It was wonderful to actually meet in person for the first time in almost 10 months. Members brought many of their challenge items to be displayed as well as other items they had worked on during the year. We had a magnificent spread of goodies which were enjoyed to the full. Then came the parade around the room of members wearing the bras they had made for the challenge.

Congratulations to the dedication of all our members; you made it a truly amazing year and we should all be so proud of our achievements. We even managed to recruit 4 new members to the group. There is so much to look forward to in 2021.

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Elaine Kern
Elaine Kern
13 Mei 2021

2020 was certainly an interesting year but, thanks to Janice's enthusiasm and guidance, we certainly did not let the grass grow under our feet. When I look back at the year, it is amazing the projects we completed and had so much fun in the process. The Zoom meetings kept us in touch and were a great source of inspiration and also much hilarity as well. Thank you Janice for all your hard work throughout a most difficult and trying year.

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