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Deb is certainly keeping us abreast of her crafting; it's great to get her news. How cute is her granddaughter?

Deb says:

Here is a jumper that I knitted for Skylar as you see the sleeves are getting short (again). Lol.

I have learnt that if I knit the bodice in a pattern like blackberry and lace I can add layers to the bottom for more length, as it's wide enough.

I also start the sleeves from the shoulders down so that I can lengthen as needed. Which is every month. This saves me doing a whole jumper that will be too short in two weeks.

This jumper has been altered twice and about to have the sleeves extended again.

I originally knitted it in March for winter ha ha ha ha.

Soon I'll take the sleeves out and reknit them, after making the arm holes wider as it is getting a little small.

I have also made some tubie socks ( no heels) . These are great they grow with her all I do is shift the ties around the ankles. When I first made them they came up her calves now they're anklets and still stretching. What joy it is to see your knitting well used. No he's yet as her foot grows the wear zone shifts. Lol.

I knit a long rectangle, knit 2 together across the last row, and pull yarn through loops knot and crochet up sides which makes the tube, and make a bow after knotting wool off with the cast on, double knot it so it won't come undone.

She's been wearing g these si ce she was a size 4 now she's a size 7.

Such a pleasure having "your knitting grow".

Happy knitting everyone !

Cheers Deb 😉

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Deb is so very efficient and imaginative with her knitting. Her ideas always inspire me.

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