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Natural Inks - Inspiration by other creative endeavours by Pam Reynolds

While felt making is my passion I am still inspired by other creative endeavours. One recent inspiration came from artist Cheryl Cooks’ Youtube videos about making and using natural inks.

The first video shows how easy it is to make natural inks using methylated spirits:

Cheryl steeps a huge variety of plant matter in methylated spirits to obtain her inks. While most of the colours seem to be very earthy some were more striking.

In the second video the inks are made with water:

Using water in which red cabbage has been boiled to extract as much colour as possible, Cheryl shows how a variety of elements can be added to this base to create many colour variations.

The final video [so far 😊] shows us how Cheryl uses these dyes to paint fabric:

The outcomes are inspiring and I hope there will be another video showing how the painted fabric is used.

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