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News from Deb Peck's work room

I've been tinking and frogging my whole life while knitting. "Now I have a name for what I do and have done." I called it experimenting or a learning process. When I've found a boo boo like in ribbing and it's many rows down I just drop the stitch to spot then re-work it back up. (So much for ribbing while watching TV with the lights off.) Throughout my journey I have learnt from my boo boos (experiments). I've just adjusted my sons jumper that had the neck band too low in the front, I did a few short rows both sides of the opening where it buttons up. I had to cut the stitches to frog because I couldn't find where I finished. I eliminated the need of joining wool by knotting last stitch then continue with picking up for button bands and stitching down ends. I plan to never undo that work ever again. Lol. I have also learnt how to weave the ends of wool in my multi strip tops. I weave the thread back and forwards as I knit, so much quicker and easier than finishing off all those threads by hand sewing them in. I have done lots of knitting! Besides socks!

Red/Brown jacket. Mohair- alpaca-wool blend. I blended and spun the wool and alpaca(which I got from Glenda). I live in this and when I find the purple mohair I got on sale with the red, I'll knit another for next winter. Have to spin black alpaca for that project, will add 2ply commercial black wool for weight. It's amazing black wool is really dark chocolate (it blended well with chocolate alpaca). "Black alpaca is black". "Long term projects" I had packed a bag for show and tell when covid hit and my son moved in and buried it amongst his stuff. Only after an archaeological dig did I recover my treasures.

1. Cotton top; Peach, pink, mint green, cream. Peach and Pink was a stash that Janet had brought to group. The mint green was surplus left over from another project, I had to purchase the cream.

2. Cotton top number 2

Stone grey, dark pink, light grey, cream.

Still knitting.!

3. Mohair - cashmere - wool. I had the pleasure of spinning my stash of Cashmere and Mohair. When knitting, I started from the sleeves then from the neck down with the cashmere dualed with 2ply commercial wool, when the cashmere ran out I used the Mohair and 2ply wool. Thus the pattern change under the bust down. I spun 4x200+mts from 100gms of cashmere, it was so fine that it looked like cotton thread thus the need to knit with the wool to give it bulk and weight. 1 ball each for front back and sleeves.

4. Cream baby shawl

My grandaughter loves this, she sits with it while watching TV. She tells me Nannies, although she never saw me knit it, she knows I did.

Now you know why I've turned my hand to sewing, a change is good for the mind and soul. Besides I need skirts and Skylar needs pj's.

I hand sew it then zoom over the seams on the machine. Quite fun doing it the old fashion way before machines.

I do mock seams like they do on jeans, and if I made smaller stitches in contrast thread I wouldn't need to machine it.

The things you do when abc tv is on. HA ha ha ha ha.

Cheers Deb

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