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Recently member Noelle Walker came across an article about Peg Board Weaving and thought it might be something members would like to tackle.

A peg loom is a board, usually wooden, with one or more rows of holes, and a set of wooden or nylon pegs which fit into these holes. Each peg is a dowel with a hole drilled along its diameter near one end.

Double-length warp threads are threaded through the hole in each peg or stick, and the loose ends knotted. The pegs are inserted into the loom, or the sticks are handheld, and the weft thread is woven around the pegs or sticks. As the work progresses, it is slid off the pegs or sticks onto the trailing warp threads.

Looms are made in a range of sizes. Noelle volunteered her husband to produce boards for any members interested.

It has been said that stick weaving was used by people of the Great Lakes region of North America in the 1500s when French trappers first encountered them, and that in the 18th century it was taught to children to develop their manual dexterity before they entered the weaving trade.

There are many tutorials on YouTube but having viewed quite a few I think the one here, though somewhat rustic, is a really clear guide to how to weave on a peg board:

I had a look through the instructions on how to make the loom yourself, so if you would like to take up the challenge here's a really clear YouTube tutorial.

Who is prepared to have a go ?

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