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Received an e-mail from member Deb Peck who sent a link to a YouTube video she found and thought members would be interested in viewing. Deb also suggested it would be good for darning socks.

Deb keeps us up to date with her news, so here's an excerpt from an e-mail we received a while ago. Deb is very occupied looking after her little granddaughter.

"I'm attempting to do some quilting, not as easy as you think, have watched lots of ytube on it. Working out a style colour and size is the hardest of all.

Although I have heaps of scraps and could patchwork it I don't want it to look ugly!

I have till November to complete my idea as I want to give it as a present to another of my grandaughters, if it turns out well I might do another.

Not holding breath or getting over confident or over enthusiastic about it either.

It's something else to do besides knitting and watching abc kids.

Ha ha ha ha I'm getting gargar! in my old age never bored always crafty, but bananas in pj's, playschool, and nursery rhymes are my sole entertainment throughout the day. "Sleep time" I'm horizontal recharging batteries or reading a book. Then it's all starts again for the next 3 hrs of fun.

I've kept the post-office busy, found "online shopping", clothes, toys, materials etc."

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