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Group member, Noelle Walker has supplied this pattern, which she has devised and knitted, for you to try.


4 or 5 ply for the main colour – 100g is ample for both.

Scraps (about 3metres of each colour is sufficient for each round of the cowl; a little less for the hat) of DK yarm. I like to use the finer wool for the main part as it makes the colours pop out as they are slightly thicker.

Needles – 3.5mm 50 or 60cm circular.

Abbreviations – K – knit, P – purl, Sl - slip purl wise, M – main colour, C – contrast colour.


This is knitted in a tube, so there is no wrong side visible.

Provisionally cast on 90-100 stitches in main colour. (even number)

Join to work in the round.

Knit 1 round. Place marker.

Colour Pattern – 1. K1 C, Sl1 M to marker.

2. Sl1 C, K1 M to marker. 3. P1 C, Sl1 M to marker. 4-6. Knit 3 rounds in M.

Repeat this 6 round pattern until you reach your desired length – about 40 – 43 coloured stripes,

Note: On the last colour pattern, finish after Round 4.

Graft or Kitchener stitch the two ends of the tube together and darn in the ends.


Cast on 120 stitches and join to work in the round. Place marker.

Work 10 rounds in K1, P1 rib, increasing 1 stitch (knit front and back) on every 12th stitch in the last round. (130 stitches in total.)

Knit 3 rounds.

Following the colour pattern, work about 10 colour stripes. (more if you want it more slouchy) Decrease for the top in the 5th round of each colour pattern.

1st decrease – K 11, K 2 together to marker.

2nd decrease – K 10, K 2 together to marker.

3rd decrease – K 9, K2 together to marker.

Continue decreasing this way until the last decrease is K2 together all the way around.

Cut yarn and pass through all stitches to fasten off. Weave in the ends.

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