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SPINNING MEDITATION (taken from Josefin Waltin's blog)

After reading Josefin's blog I thought it was something we could all try and chat about and share our experiences at a future meeting. As the warmer weather approaches it would be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

About the spinning meditation

The spinning meditation is a 12 minute spin-along meditation. I use a suspended spindle in the video, but feel free to use any spinning tool you like. In the video I sit, stand and walk. If there is a section you want to stay longer in you can pause the video. Or, if you want to skip a section, just jump to the next. With a little imagination you can adapt the meditation to fit your personal needs. The video is available in spoken English and spoken Swedish. Both versions have the option for subtitles in English and Swedish.

Relax and enjoy.


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