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Wet felting has intrigued me since I first saw a scarf making demonstration about 5 years ago. It has become all-consuming so for those who are interested I thought I would share some of the early, free tutorials that helped me as I was starting my felt making journey. These free tutorials are also a great way to get a feel for individual styles of teaching before paying for other workshops.

Fiona Duthie is a Canadian felt maker whose website contains information about her online and in person workshops [covid permitting]. Hers is probably my favourite teaching style and if you concur I strongly recommend her online workshops. This link takes you to her free tutorial for making a flat piece of felt using wool tops:

Another flat felt making tutorial is provided by Marie Spaulding, the owner of Living Felt. This Texas based company provides a huge range of felting supplies and lots of other tutorials. This flat felt, to be used as bookmarks, is created using wool batting:

Gillian Harris is an English felt maker who runs Gilliangladrag and has also written some great felt making books. Her bag making, free tutorial was the first time I had seen a resist being used and I found her instructions very clear:

One final site I would like to include for you is the Feltandfiberstudio. This is an international collective of felt and fibre artists whose menu shows a range of offerings:

One of my biggest hurdles as I was learning was not knowing why when things didn’t work out as I had hoped. You can’t ask questions of a video. The free forum that the studio offers provides a way to engage with other fibre artists; lots of answers to questions that have been asked already clearly arranged under meaningful subject headings and if your question is not there you can post it yourself:

Hope these help but no responsibility will be taken for any consequential addiction. 😊

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